With proud we present you the committee of 2015

From left to right: Steven Matthews, Maggie Westra, Wibrand de Reij, Nikki Wesselius, Wouter Kastrop,
Sanne Berendschot and Glenn Taylor.



Wibrand de Reij - Chairman 
Hi! My name is Wibrand, I am currently finishing my bachelors in Economtrics and the head of the organizing committee for this years edition of the Econometric Game. I have always been internationally orientated and after organizing a couple of other events this seemed like the next logical step. Together with a great committee we have been busy for quite a while now and I'm proud of what we have been able to accomplish. I want to wish you all the best of luck and hope you have a good time here in our beautiful city Amsterdam.


Glenn Taylor - Coordinator 
Hi, I am Glenn Taylor, board member of the VSAE of the year 2014 and it is my second time organizing this event. What I believe that is so important about the Econometric Game is that it stimulates academic research and searches for a new possible solution to existing problems. This is what econometrics is all about and I am happy to welcome you all for the second time! Currently I am finishing the final year of my bachelor degree. Within the committee I was the coordinator from the VSAE board.


Steven Matthews - Acquisition and Website 
I'm Steven Matthews, a second year bachelor Accountant student. In my free time I love builing things, solving puzzles and traveling the world. During my time as an Econometric student I came in contact with the study association VSAE. There I was involved with many committees organising events and last year I started with the Econometric Game committee. Within the committee I am responsible for the acquisition and the website. I hope you enjoy your time in Amsterdam and wish you good luck with the Econometric Game!



Maggie Westra - Case 
My name is Maggie and I am a third year bachelor Actuarial Science student at the University of Amsterdam. In my free time I enjoy reading and  stimulating the economy bij spending my hard earned money on holidays  and gifts for my friends. For the Econometric Game 2015 I was responsible for finding and maintaining contact with the case maker. I hope that all the participants have a good time in Amsterdam and wish them a lot of success with the Econometric Game; May the odds be ever in your favor!


Nikki Wesselius - Media and VSAE Case 
I'm Nikki Wesselius, a third year bachelor Econometric student at the University of Amsterdam. I'm addicted to challenges and adrenaline. I love travelling the world, backpacking through the wilderness and on the other hand shopping and soaking up culture in cities, but most of all I love Amsterdam. During the Economteric Game 2015 I'm responsible for the media and the VSAE-case. I hope you all will have enough challenges and adrenaline during the Econometric Game an still have some time to enjoy our lovely city.



Wouter Kastrop - Universities 
I'm Wouter, 20 years old and this year's contact for the (participating) universities. I'm currently in the third year of my bachelor Econometric and Operational Research. Besides my study and work I like to spend my time on rowing and other sports. After being a part of last year's Actuariaatcongres committee, I was looking to organize a more international event this year. During the Econometric Game 2014 I was very impressed with all the participating international universities and I'm looking forward to put down another great Econometric Game this year. I wish all the participants a lot of success and above all a very nice stay in Amsterdam.


Sanne Berendschot - Facilities 
Hello guys! I'm Sanne and currently in the third year of the interdisciplinary bachelor Bèta-Gamma and in the second year of my specialisation Econometrics and Operational Research. I am really excited to organise the Economtric Game for you this year. My responsibility is to arrange all the facilities. I love to travel and see all the different countries and cultures around the world. I am looking forward to meeting you all and I really hope you will enjoy your stay in Amsterdam with us!

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