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From April 6 - 8 the Econometric Game 2016 took place. In these days, thirty universities from all over the world worked on a case on socioeconomic inequity in healthcare with data provided by the SHARE-project. The competition itself was won by Harvard University. The Warsaw School of Economics came second, and Erasmus University Rotterdam ended in the third spot. Each year the Econometric Game advances to a higher level, aiming to be the World Championship in Econometrics. More and more universities want to compete, showing the popularity of the event. One unique thing in this edition was the crowdfunding of the Sao Paulo University, who reached out to the public in order to fund participation in the event, something which makes us as organizers proud of hosting this event.

The days took place in Amsterdam, with events taking place in De Kleine Komedie, Zuiderkerk and Felix Meritis. Furthermore, two public sessions were organized in this week for the general crowd. The first was a debate in Spui25 on privacy issues concerning big data, while the second event covered the robotization of the labour market. Next to this an event was organized for UvA students in Econometrics. This event included a case with municipal data of Amsterdam, and students were challenged to come up with ideas to prevent overcrowding in the city center of Amsterdam.

The complete event was sponsored by our main partners, EY and Ortec. Furthermore, funding has been provided by University of Amsterdam - Economics and Business. Without our partners the event would not be possible in it's current form, and we are very grateful for all the help we have received, both financially as in the organizational part.


Photos of the 2016 edition of the Econometric Game can be found here. This includes photos from the work in the Zuiderkerk, the meals, drinks and public events that took place during the week. Furthermore an aftermovie was created, shot during the several days. You can watch the aftermovie at the end of this page, or on YouTube.

We are proud that the Dutch public broadcaster NOS wrote an article on the Econometric Game. Furthermore, local broadcaster AT5 made a video on the Amsterdam Data Challenge. Further websites that have paid attention to the Econometric Game 2016 are the David Giles blog, Yahoo Finance,, Erasmus University, Warsaw School of Economics, University of Amsterdam and Ratio. Probably more websites have elaborated on this edition, but this gives an idea of the broad coverage of this unique event.

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